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Finally some progress for CDM projects in Least Developed Countries?

In its annual report to the COP/MOP (Conference of the Parties / Meeting of the Parties), the Executive Board (EB) of the Clean Development Mechanism outlined some recommendations to improve the regional distribution of projects to LDCs (Least Developed Countries) and SIDS (Small Island States). In a rare case of good news it seems there will finally be a concerted effort to respond to the long standing criticism that the CDM is only appearing to help larger industrial projects.

GERES has been active in making recommendations to the EB and it seems that there has been some significant progress.  It’s clear that there is a genuine attempt to increase the number of projects which directly enhance development and this is highly relevant to the work of GERES, one of the few organisations that has both experience of project development in Least Developed Countries and of the carbon finance market.

Amongst the 50 recommendations made to the COP the following are the most relevant for us:

  • Reducing fees that projects in LDCs need to pay
  • The use of standardised baselines and additionality benchmarks
  • Development of methodologies with the potential for application in these countries and encourage top-down development of these methodologies
  • Creating a CDM project development fund and encouraging parties to cover start up costs
  • To increase capacity building efforts
  • A positive list of projects whose additionality is considered inherent
  • To explore the possibility of collaborating with other development and capacity-building organisations

Once the EB has made these recommendations, then the COP/MOP has to approve them. We need to follow this issue closely and make sure we are well placed to contribute to the efforts to improve this regional distribution.

Samuel Bryan for GERES

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