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Les sponsors du GERES à COP 15

GERES programme at COP 15

At COP15, GERES intends to influence the negotiations towards a framework more in favor of developing countries by pushing forward the concept of “climate solidarity,” or how to reduce the vulnerability of the most impoverished populations and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, the interests of developing countries have been misrepresented in previous COPs: initiatives, decisions and regulations often come from industrialized nations, without taking into account the realities of developing nations.

Along with its technical and financial partners, the GERES team will organize a number of side events to share the latest work in climate solidarity, and join other lectures related to this key issue.

  • Side event: Social and Economic Impacts of Improved Cookstoves, Lessons Learnt, an AFD-GERES cooperative event. It will present the publication of an extended study on the social impacts of a successful ICS project in Cambodia, and how the ICS dissemination strategy can be reproduced in other countries.

Date and place: European pavilion of the Bella Center, Schuman Room

Monday, December 7th, at 6.00 pm

Speakers: GERES, AFD, Action Carbone

  • Side event:  Climate Vulnerabilities and Adaptation: Himalayas, urban & rural plains in India and Nepal. The impacts of climate change for vulnerable communities across Himalayan-Ganga basin have fundamental implications for livelihoods. This session will bring together the results of research and pilot activities on impacts and adaptation, from high altitude cold deserts to urban & rural plains.

Date and place: Bella Center, Victor Borg room

Friday, December 11th, at 2.45 pm

Speakers: ICIMOD, GERES, LNP, Practical Action, ISET, GEAG

  • Round Table at Development Days: The role of the private sector in adaptation and mitigation (organised by Teresa Fogelberg, Global Reporting Initiative). GERES will present how to bridge the gap between carbon finance and micro-scale entrepreneurs. The objectives are to highlight a GERES success story in Cambodia, and present Nexus as everyone’s Carbon accelerator.

Date and place: Development days venue                                                                  Monday, December 14th, 2 – 3.30 pm Speakers: to be coming soon

  • Side event (to be confirmed): Workshop for DOEs on improving usability of methodologies. In October 2009, the CDM Small Scale Working Group organized a workshop to improve usability of methodologies focused on household energy use and in particular Non-renewable biomass. An outcome of the workshop was that Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) frequently struggled to understand the complexities and the challenges of operating successful cooking stove projects.  As a result, many projects have experienced delays in validation and verification. The workshop is about briefing DOEs on the key concepts, methodological development and best practices behind household energy projects and introducing a dose of reality.

Date and place: IETA pavilion, date TBC

Speakers: to be coming soon

  • Press Conference: Nexus is launching its investment fund and opening to membership. Nexus, a new global alliance initiated by GERES, carries on the values of social carbon, or how to make carbon markets accessible to project developers whose main objective is poverty alleviation. The press conference will make official the launch of its ethical investment fund and open its membership.

Date and place: Bella Center, Asger Jorn room

Thursday Dec 10, time to be confirmed

Speakers: Nexus, GERES